Assistant Controller of Evaluation–(Confidential)

M.Koteswara Rao

The Assistant Controller of evaluation is in charge of the confidential section. He will be assisting the controller of examinations in the smooth running of the examinations branch. The main duties of the ACOE are:

1. Obtaining the approved panels of paper setters and evaluators.
2. Sending letters of offer to the paper setters, evaluators and question paper moderators.
3. Receiving the question papers from the paper setters, formatting and editing them to the required format and keep them in safe custody.
4. Arranging for the moderation of question papers on the day of examination, duplication of question papers as per the requirement of the students strength and distribution of question papers to the exam halls.
5. Arranging and coordinating spot valuation camps for the valuation of semester end exam answer scripts.
6. Identifying scrutinizers and get the evaluated answer scripts scrutinized and detaching the marks slips(part II) from the answer scripts and submit them for the scanning and results processing.
7. Assisting the data processing team in the processing of results and arranging results committee meeting for passing the results and declaration of results.
8. Arranging the revaluations and declaration of results.