How and where do I find out when my exam is?

Information relating to exam timetables is available from the VNRVJIET portal under notifications. The same is also available on www.vnrvjiteexams.net under notifications tab for UG and PG separately.

My exam is not on the timetable: what should I do?

You should contact examination branch in the first instance; they will confirm if you have an exam. If the exam is to be timetabled the examination section will then update the timetable.

Do exam dates change?

Changes can occur to the timetable, therefore please ensure that you recheck your exam details on a regular basis and immediately prior to your examination(s). If an examination date changes, it will be intimated well in advance to the students the timetable.

I have two exams on the same day and time: what should I do?

Generally that will not happen, however, please contact examination section if you still have a clash. Exam Hall Regulations

Where are the Exam Hall Regulations?

The Exam Hall Regulations are available from the link below. They are also available on the examination script books. Electronic Devices The use of mobile devices/personal electronic equipment is not permitted. These should be placed in your bag and should not be on your person. Mobile devices are those which store/display data or connect to the internet, such as mobile phones, smart watches, smart glasses and any other communication equipment.

I am not sure where the exam venues are?

Students have to check the notice board regularly to check the seating plans to know the examination venue. 

What do I do on the day of my exam?

You should go to the location specified in the exam timetable. If you have not been to the location previously, you should check the notice board. You should ensure you arrive at the venue on time: if you are late you will not receive any additional time.

Do I need my student card to enter the exam venue?

You must display your ID Card on the desk throughout all written examinations. If a card is not produced, you will be required to make alternative arrangements to allow your identity to be verified before the examination is marked.

What should I do if I turn up late to the exam?

Students are not allowed to enter the examination hall once the examination is commenced. Students arriving after the start of the examination are required to take permission from Chief Controller of Examination / Controller of Examinations. And they have to understand that they are not entitled to any additional time.

I cannot attend my exam: who should I contact?

It will be marked as “ABSENT” in the attendance sheet and no re-exam is conducted in any circumastance.

What stationery should I bring to the exam?

You should carry with you a pen, pencil (for MCQ papers only) and eraser, along with any additional materials which the college may have suggested.

Can I write my answers in pencil?

No: all script books must be completed in ink.

Can I take a dictionary into the exam?

No For all students taking courses where the provision of a data books, charts, code books, tables or any other material is an integral part of the assessment process. Such exceptional arrangements requires authorisation by the examiners for use by all students and is recorded in the exam’s instructions.

Can I use my mobile phone as a calculator?

No. During an examination, students will be permitted to use only calculators and other electronic technology as have been issued or specifically authorised by the examiners.

Can I eat in the examination venue?

Eating is not allowed inside the examination hall.

Can I wear a coat/jacket during my exam?

All coats and jackets must be left at the front/back of the exam venue. Coats and jackets are not permitted on the back of chairs.

In How many days results will be declared?

The results of all regular and supplementary examinations are declared as per the academic calendar.

Is there any chance to write the betterment examination?


What happens if the checking squad or invigilator found and material in my wallet?

You will be booked under malpractice. See malpractice guidelines on the examination website.

Can I apply for Re-Valuation if I am not satisfied with the grade or marks awarded to me?

Yes you can apply for Theory Examinations only.

Can I apply for Challenge Valuation?

Yes you can apply for challenge valuation only after revaluation. You cant apply for challenge valuation directly.

Where can I found my Marks Memos?

You can collect your marks memos from the Student Service Centre / in your Department after the results are declared.

Is the Degree Awarded by College?

No - Degrees will be awarded by JNTUH, only Provisional Certificate (PC) and Consolidated Marks Memo (CMM) are issued by College for eligible students.
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